4 Ways to Bulk Download Pinterest Boards Images(Phone + PC)

Pinterest doesn’t allow you to mass download images in bulk on neither their website or mobile app. They only allow you to download these images one by one.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to mass download these images on both mobile and desktop.

Below you will find 4 such methods to bulk download Pinterest images from boards and feeds:

  • 2 bulk download methods on desktop (PC + Mac).
  • 1 bulk download method on Android.
  • 1 bulk download method on iOS.

How to bulk download Pinterest boards and images on desktop browsers

Use the ImageAssistant Batch Downloader Chrome plugin

This method requires the Chrome browser to work. If you’re on Mac and generally use Safari, consider installing Chrome for a bit until you’ve downloaded all the images.

While using Chrome, go to this ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader and install it on your Chrome browser.

Next, go to any Pinterest board you want. 

If the board has many photos, scroll all the way to the bottom so all photos are loaded on the page so you can save them.

Next, click on the Image Assistant icon in the plugin toolbar. Then click “Extract Current Page”.

Image Assistant will then show you every image on the board.

Unfortunately, you will also see many more images that are hidden in the background and don’t belong to that board.

To download the images, you will first have to select them. You can do that by clicking on the “Select” button on the right or by using the “Select All” / “Select None” toggle button.

The plugin is a bit slow and wonky and doesn’t always register clicks, so have some patience with it. 

However, it’s pretty good at its job of downloading images from Pinterest, so it should be enough for most users. 

Install WFDownloader for PC or Mac

If you are more of a power user and regularly have to bulk download images from sites and Pinterest, then consider installing WFDownloader, which is a completely free program.

WFDownloader is a much more powerful software tool compared to ImageAssistant Batch Downloader that can bulk download entire image galleries, wallpapers, documents, videos, audio files, etc., from supported sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ArtStation, etc.

To download it, go to the WFDownloader site, press the “Download Now!” button. 

On the next page, choose what version of the software you need (Windows, Mac or Linux).

After you’ve downloaded the program, install it and open it. You should be greeted with this interface:

Click the big “Add” button.

In the pop-up window, you must now:

  1. Copy and paste the link URL of the Pinterest board you want to download in the “Link Adress” field.
  2. Select a folder where the images should be downloaded.

WFDownloader will then load a bit and then show you a list of links that contain media files (in our case, Pinterest images). 

Press Confirm.

On the next screen, press “Start” to download all the files.

Your files are now downloaded in the save folder you selected.

A super quick way to access them is to right click on any of the images in the list and press “Open Folder”. 

This will automatically open the folder where you’ve saved the photos, images, videos, and whatever else you have downloaded.

How to bulk download Pinterest boards and images on iOS and Android phones

For Android, use “website Image Downloader” app

If you’re an Android user, install the app website Image Downloader.

This is a super simple app that scans a URL link for any media files, and then gives you the option to download these photos individually.

First, install and open the app. From within the menu, tap on “HTTP URL”.

In the text field, copy/paste the URL of the Pinterest board you want to download.

NOTE: On the Pinterest app, you can find the URL of any board by clicking on the board, pressing the icon with the three dots “…”, and tapping “Share board”. Out of the list of options, press the “Copy Link” bubble.

Once you’ve found the link, press “Ok” and wait for the app to load up all the images from that Pinterest board.

NOTE: Pinterest usually stores photos in multiple resolutions, some in low definition and others in high definition. 

If you want to download the images in high definition, tap on “Display Option” and use “Sort by size”.

The images should now be loaded from highest to lowest resolution.

Now, select all of the images you want to download. After doing so, press the blue download icon.

In this pop-up, all you have to do is select the folder where you want your images to be stored. In this case, we used the standard “Download” folder.

You can then find the images by going to the “Files” or “My Files” app (depending on what Android device you have) and opening the Download folder.

You can also find these images in your Gallery or Photos app.

For iOS, try any of these apps to download Pinterest images

iOS has multiple apps available to download images from Pinterest boards; however, all of these have one big problem: the downloaded images are very low resolution and very blurry.

If you can live with that and still want to go forward, then the app we suggest using is called Image Drain.

This app is actually an extension to the Safari browser.

To download images with Image Drain, you must first copy the link to the Pinterest board and open it in Safari.

Note: On the Pinterest app, you can find the URL of any board by clicking on the board, pressing the icon with the three dots “…”, and tapping “Share board”. Out of the list of options, press the “Copy Link” bubble.

Once you’ve copied the link, paste it into the Safari address bar.

Next, press the “Share” button and click on ImageDrain.

You will then be presented with an image gallery. Choose what images you want to save and then download them to your device.

Your images should now be saved and you can view them in your gallery.

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