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4 Reasons for Pinterest Suspensions (& How to Appeal Each)

Pinterest suspends accounts all the time, and for a lot of reasons. However, an account suspension does not mean your account was permanently deleted or deactivated. In fact, Pinterest is generally very forgiving, so it’s possible for a single account to get suspended and reactivated multiple times without any long-term issues. In most cases, all …

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How to Use Firefox Spellchecker (& Install 5 Better Ones)

Firefox has a built in spell checking tool, however it has limited functionality and only highlights spelling mistakes, but doesn’t offer: auto-correct, synonym proposals, 1 click spelling correction, rephrasing broken sentences or built-in dictionary. If you’re fine with these limitations, and only care for the highlighting feature, then follow these steps to activate spell checking:

The 5 Best Point of Sale Software for Mac (Comparison)

POS software selection for Mac isn’t as varied as it is for PC, (or even iPad), but Mac does have some heavy hitting and feature rich POS software. These are more than capable of handling the business needs of most business types and come with rich features and integrations that can further expand their capabilities.

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