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How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest Correctly

Let’s assume you have a Pinterest account that has thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands of impressions, clicks and engagements per month. So your Pinterest account is generating a ton of engagement and a lot of traffic, which…

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4 Reasons for Pinterest Suspensions (& How to Appeal Each)

Pinterest suspends accounts all the time, and for a lot of reasons. However, an account suspension does not mean your account was permanently deleted or deactivated. In fact, Pinterest is generally very forgiving, so it’s possible for a…

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6 Ways to Check Twitch Chat & Download Chat Log History

Checking and keeping an eye on your Twitch logs is an absolute must for streamers so they can properly moderate their channels, stay within Twitch Terms of Service and generally build a community. Similar reasons apply to Twitch…

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9 Reasons Google Ads are Worth It (& 5 They Aren’t)

Are Google Ads worth it? It’s a frequent question business owner ask themselves, since on paper Google Ads seems like an amazing way to build a new stream of customers and revenue sources. Google Ads is a worthwhile…

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How to Use Firefox Spellchecker (& Install 5 Better Ones)

Firefox has a built in spell checking tool, however it has limited functionality and only highlights spelling mistakes, but doesn’t offer: auto-correct, synonym proposals, 1 click spelling correction, rephrasing broken sentences or built-in dictionary. If you’re fine with…

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Salesforce Sucks: Low Cost Alternatives for Small Business

Why Salesforce sucks Salesforce is no doubt a powerful and flexible CRM tool, however it’s built for very large organizations with 100+ employees. Their marketing efforts will try to convince you that businesses of all sizes can use…

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Blog vs YouTube: Pros and Cons of Each

Normally, an article like this should be impartial when it comes to recommending if a person should build a blog or a YouTube channel as an extra source of income. To be upfront and honest with you, we…

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7 Reasons SEO is Worth it (& 4 reasons it’s not)

Is SEO worth it, or is the time and effort better spent on other marketing channels such as social media, TV ads, PPC, etc.? In a nutshell, the advantage of SEO versus other marketing channels is that SEO…

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7 Reasons PPC is Worth It (and 4 reasons it’s not)

Is PPC worth it in terms of time and money? Judging by all the ads you see online, the answer is “yes”. Businesses wouldn’t spend this much money on online advertising if it weren’t profitable. However, there are…

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3 Editable PDF SEO Report Samples (+ Mistakes to Avoid)

One way to classify SEO reports in PDF form is by their length: Update SEO reports, with little or no analysis. These reports are usually structured as period-over-period (ex: month-over-month), and mostly show how headline KPI’s (traffic, revenue,…

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5 Awesome Analytical Report Examples (& how to create yours)

What is an analytical report Analytical reports are data analysis reports companies use to identify and act upon particular problems and opportunities in their business processes. Besides the charts and graphics, analytical reports often contain written text that…

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