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7 Reasons SEO is Worth it (& 4 reasons it’s not)

Is SEO worth it, or is the time and effort better spent on other marketing channels such as social media, TV ads, PPC, etc.? In a nutshell, the advantage of SEO versus other marketing channels is that SEO…
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7 Reasons PPC is Worth It (and 4 reasons it’s not)

Is PPC worth it in terms of time and money? Judging by all the ads you see online, the answer is “yes”. Businesses wouldn’t spend this much money on online advertising if it weren’t profitable. However, there are…
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3 Editable PDF SEO Report Samples (+ Mistakes to Avoid)

One way to classify SEO reports in PDF form is by their length: Update SEO reports, with little or no analysis. These reports are usually structured as period-over-period (ex: month-over-month), and mostly show how headline KPI’s (traffic, revenue,…
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5 Awesome Analytical Report Examples (& how to create yours)

What is an analytical report Analytical reports are data analysis reports companies use to identify and act upon particular problems and opportunities in their business processes. Besides the charts and graphics, analytical reports often contain written text that…
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